Area Attractions

More Things To Do in Hardin

Hardin, Montana provides a wide selection of local area attractions that we welcome you to enjoy, including: Restaurants, Golfing, Swimming and Exercise, Pet Care and Parks and Playgrounds.

  • 217 W 14th St.
    Hardin, MT 59034
    Four Aces
    10 W 3rd St.
    Hardin, MT 59034
    Golden Bridge
    Rt. 1, Box 1003
    Hardin, MT 59034
    Hardin Subway
    315 W 13th St.
    Hardin, MT 59034
    BigHorn Bakery & Cafe
    305 N Center
    Hardin, MT 59034
    Ranch  House Grill
    221 N Center
    Hardin, MT 59034
    Lariat Country Kitchen
    721 N Center Ave.
    Hardin, MT 59034
    Little Big Men Pizza & Casino
    605 N Center Ave.
    Hardin, MT 59034
    1225 N Crawford Ave.
    Hardin, MT 59034
    Pizza Hut
    219 W 14th St.
    Hardin, MT 59034
    Taco Johns
    215 W 14th St.
    Hardin, MT 59034
    Three Brothers Pizza & Java Co.
    318 N Center Ave.
    Hardin, MT 59034

  • Ft. Custer Golf Course provides excellent, 9 Hole, golfing experiences at an affordable rate!

    Located on Hwy. 47, 3 miles north of Hardin, Ft. Custer Golf Course is only a short drive away.


    • Hours: 7:30am – dark
    • Club & Cart Rental
    • Driving Range

    For more information, call 406.665.2597 or visit the website.

  • The Activity Center features an Olympic-size swimming pool with diving boards, kiddy pool, hot tub and weight training facilities.


    (Discounts Are Available For GrandView Campground Guests)Monday-Saturday
    6:00-8:00 p.m.
    Open Swim: 1:00-4:00 p.m.
    Lap Swim: 4:00-6:00 p.m.Sunday: 1:00-6:00 p.m. When making reservations ask about dates for pool closing.


    Single Family Session: $8.00
    Adults: $2.00
    Youth: $1.50
    5 & Under: $0.75
    Senior Citizen: $1.50Single Family Session consists of up to (6) people, which must include (1) Adult. Additional people will pay the regular session fee.



  • Veterinarians:

    Janelle’s Country Kennels
    907 W 3rd St.
    Boarding & Dog Grooming


    Sugar Factory Veterinary Clinic
    Sugar Factory Rd.
    Dog Grooming: Fridays

  • In Hardin there are four easily accessible parks and one playground to enjoy for picnics, playing or just relaxing. NO PETS or ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed in the city parks and playgrounds.

    Primary School Children’s Playground, 400 Block of 3rd St. This playground was designed by award-winning architect Robert Leathers and was funded & built by the community of Hardin.

    Custer Park/North Park, 500 Block of 3rd St. North. Lots of mature trees covering one square city block. This park contains rest rooms, cement & wooden picnic tables, park benches, BBQ pits, combination infant & child swings, slide, jungle gym, sand shovel, merry-go-round and geodesic dome.

    South Park, 700 Block of Division St. Nice shade trees, rest rooms, cement picnic tables, horseshoe pits, teeter-totter, merry-go-round, slides BBQ pits, park benches, child-size mechanical sand shovel, crawling tube.

    Heimat Park, Between First & Second Streets on Heimat Rd. Large grassy area with young trees, swings, tunnel slide, climbing barrels, merry-go-round, picnic tables, benches, BBQ pit and met climbing arch.

    Wilson Park, Between 9th and 10th Streets on Cody Ave. Grassy area with young trees, cement picnic table, BBQ pit, covered slide, merry-go-round, spring horses and basketball hoop.